Blog 1: Cake baking Tutorials – Visualization of Videos

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Sweet lovers have passion on self-making their sweet treats. I am not an exception. I tried out most on the sweet treats, such as candy, jelly beans, sponge cakes and chocolate of things. However, cake making is the most obsession of mine. The procedures and experience of complete a cake brought me happiness.

I started seeking for cake making instruction since very young, said 16 years old of age. During this age, the most common ways of self-learning of baking are via Baking recipes or Blog posts. Among Vietnamese baking lovers community, Savory Days website have seem to be the most popular sites with full of instruction and recipes to the oldest to most modern cakes. What really attract people to this site reflecting the tone of voice via the text of instructions as well as the way author respond to subscribers. Furthermore, as a cake lovers, I would be of course love the cake decorations and it presences on the side dish. All of those perspectives are combined in this website.

Figure 1: Baking book. Credit:

As the development of videos uploading platform and media content creators, the videos of tutoring baking cake is more developed and reshaped the audience’s attentions. Have you ever seek for tutorials on Youtube? Have you ever found Pinterest an interested platform to enjoy tutorials with visualization and arts? If yes, you would be part of millions of users enjoying the media development in the technology development.

Figure 2:×350.jpg

Cake baking tutorial videos continues to show its attractiveness with appropriate investment of time, experiences and efforts from content creators on social media. If the traditional way of tutorials asked readers to imagine the steps and textures of the dough, the videos are more visual and easily to transform the real presence and transformation of the dough step-by-step.

Figure 3:

At presence, there are multiples of cake baking tutorials channels on Youtube with thousands to millions subscribers, such as Peaceful Cuisine, Topless baker, or Tasty. However, Social media in recent years are more extensive and crowded. That’s why we can easily find their channels on various social media platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest as well as traditional platform, blog posts. Those videos content creators are from professional to self-taught bakers making a name with larger followers. Mostly, the videos are edited carefully and the appearance of the final products eye-catching. They are sometime live streaming to respond to audience towards concerns the confused step of making most common cake. The audiences are most convinced of the ease and quick as well as successful guarantee by following those tutorials.

Figure 4

This is a media niche which is unlimited audiences and a family-experience. My personal experience of watching those videos is to raise up my mood. From this perspective of niche, the beauty and visual appeal from making cake would ease the tiredness and satisfied the perfection solution to sweet treats craving. The attractiveness of Cake as well as its baking procedures are no barriers of cultures and languages. People are shared and obsessed with beauty and art of baking all around the world.

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