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So, this week blog I will focus on my personal research of my most interested niche, Cake baking tutorials. As I am following majority of Youtubers, Social media baking professionals and self-taught instructors, I am obsessed with Savoury Days blogger, which is more competent to my cultures and preferences.

When addressing about Savoury Day blooger, it is all about the authors’ passion about baking since the first presence of her blog. After more than 9 years of running her blog, the network has been expanded from different areas, such as wider social media presence, availability both offline and online platform, and collaborative networks of sponsorship.

Savour Day Blog now has been available on different social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube channel. Its presence on various online platform reflecting the expectation of audiences to different preferences. Starting with a blog and developing to a small enterprise website with full of copyright now, this is seen as landing page to introduce and direct to her offline and online presence. Via the website, remaining the fundamental values of sharing and instructing cake baking at home, there are links to variety of her social media presence, including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channel. There is also introduction to her offline products, collectively baking books and physical baking classes.

Figure 1:

Stretching through the prominent of the blog, comparing the current posts with historical posts, there is an advertiser collaborate with the site, which is a baking tool supplier. Meanwhile, the Youtube channel, as a Youtube partner, Savoury channel enables the earning via advertising embedded during the videos. Indeed, Youtube channels to video content creator like Savoury Day is monetized. Its availability on online platform also adapts streaming platform to operate online baking classes instead of traditional baking tutorial, via Facebook Group Live stream.

Online environment is not the limit to Savoury Day presence. It also confirmed its influence on offline environment, which are physical baking classes operating in Hanoi, Vietnam, and baking books.

In terms of collaboration, along with potential and prominent advertisers, Savoury Days blogger also cooperate with media and magazine publisher introducing catering dishes on their weekly publish. The cooperation can be seen in both Vietnam online magazines and paper magazines, and international online publish.

Figure 2:

 The development of Savoury Day to variety of networks and available presence is the work of passion and enthusiastic of owner. While the beginning of the blog was operating by only blogger Linh Trang, up to present there is a group of subordinates sharing the same passion and same knowledge of baking. Savoury Days and its influence has far reached the mass number of youngsters to baking class while the all age audience to follow their caking baking videos on Youtube channel. Particularly, while the Youtube contents are easily reached audience from everywhere, the limits of offline class is geographic distance. Hence, the online classes are seem a potential solution the increase the audience reach. All of its networks now are monetized and profitable.


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