Blog 3: Approach planning

Tag: Research, media niche approach

As exploring the niche of cake baking videos with exploring the filed sites network of one of successful prototype of this niche, it is essentials to explore deeper to the approach investigating the success factors as well as observation to the attractiveness of cake baking video contents.

Starting with problematisation, the key issues to address from the research in this niche are contents effectiveness and the highest preferred platforms of sharing online videos. As a matter of fact, the cake baking contents contain flexibility. However, the attractiveness of content relies on the visualization of the videos and products after the tutorials which links with the share-ability of the videos. This research would be better fit the content creators in this niche in order to carefully consider the primary channels to share the video first to receive the highest engagement. Indeed, the audience engagement plays fundamental role in generating preference sharing, e-word-of-mouth (Krebs and Lischka 2019). Via the research, I would expect the investigation the audience engagement toward online videos as well as their social media preferences regarding the booming of social media platforms. Therefore, the video content creators in the niche would possess the experiment to not only social platform but also understand the importance of audience engagement. The exploration is far in-depth toward audience’s behaviors from perceiving a videos of the niche and how and how long they will react and respond to the contents.

In planning for this research, there are few steps to follow.

Credit: Limelight Online
Selecting the most recent video uploaded
Credit: Optimal workshop blogRecording the total views/comments/ shares per day / week / month
Credit: a3revCompare and contrast the rates between social media platform

The nature of this observation is more likely online based, hence, the note taking would be more computerized. Firstly screenshot is an effective way to keep the record of views, likes, comment and shares reflecting its changes overtime. Then, data will be collected and record in excel for easing the data analytics. The compare and contrast will reflect the final data from excel.

In order to complete the research, it need a proper schedule for data collecting and analysis during a period of time. There is expected the observation of video publish over 6 weeks.

  • Week one: Notify and prepare for the upcoming videos of cake tutorial on its websites/ Facebook page and set notification. It would include the time of schedule publish, the types of cake will be in the tutorials. During this week, it is essential to taking note and collecting audience expectation and comments reflecting their eager to the videos
  • Week two: observe the engagement of audience during the first day of video publishing reflecting views, likes, dislikes, comments and shares. Taking notes, screenshots and record keeping in excel
  • Week three: comparing the rate on views, like, comments and shares each day in the excel file
  • Week four: compare and contrast the total shares among social media platforms, Facebook shares, YouTube shares and links to websites
  • Week five and Six: Data analysis and comparing to historical data of previous videos

Over the data, I expect to identify the most preferred social media platform for sharing interests as well as the speed of spreading the audience preferences and how people react to the interests.


Krebs, I. and Lischka, J.A., 2019. Is audience engagement worth the buzz? The value of audience engagement, comment reading, and content for online news brands. Journalism20(6), pp.714-732.

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