BCM206: Week 6

The attention economy and the long tail effect

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Micheal Goldhaber predicted that the global economy is experiencing dematerialisation considering changes in political modernisation (employment creation and market reforms integrating technology), technological advancement (free online services and niche markets and audience) and consumption practices (focus on services and experience) (BER staff 2020) from Laureate Herbert A. Simon’s initial concept of “attention economy”.

People think once they turn off the internet or shut down their phones or computers, they can leave the cybersphere. However, Google and other networks actually use numerous algorithms to calculate and send advertisement and suggestions to the audiences, which attached with different bussinesses. The “long tail effect” happens after that. The long tail effect allows businesses to promote and sell their products to the potential customers via different platforms (Anderson 2004).

The Long Tail Effect Theory in Practise Explained

Milosz Krasinski


Anderson, C 2004, “The long tail”, Wired, viewed 29 October 2020, <https://www.wired.com/2004/10/tail/&gt;.

BER staff 2020, “Paying Attention: The Attention Economy”, Berkely Economic Review, 31 March, viewed 29 October 2020, <https://econreview.berkeley.edu/paying-attention-the-attention-economy/&gt;.

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