BCM206: Week 9

Anonymous resistance: hackers, lulz and whistle-blowers

This week’s topic is about hacker. Hackers are people who use their knowledge and technology to steal or illegally view other’s infomation. Hackers are either being hired to look into someone’s data or being hired by technology companies to help fix the bugs.

In some cases, hackers are being seriously aggressive and create crime or protests by stealing government’s infomation or influencers’ messages. For example, the Vladimir Levin hacked Citibank in 1995 was the mot famous case of all times (Lee 2017). He hacked the system of Citibank and stole more than $10 million and was arrested by the Interpol in England when he tried to sent money to his accounts in all over the world. He became the most famous hacker since then.

10 vụ hack nổi tiếng nhất mọi thời đại



Angelina Lee 2017 ‘Vladimir Levin Hacks Citibank’, viewed on October 30 2020. <https://medium.com/@anglee19/vladimir-levin-hacks-citibank-910627591237.

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