BCM 206: Beta

I decided to make a Instagram story about the Vietnamese food that I made during quarantine and save everything in a highlight so people can categorize what I tend to do.

I also have feedback on the stories that I posted. Most of the replies are from my Vietnamese friends so it’s all in Vietnamese.

The responses are positive, people loved what I made and asked me to upload more. There were 57 viewers at the time I captured the story. However, I saw that if I saved it in a highlight, the number of viewers are unable to shows as it passed 24 hours.

Therefore, there will less evidences for me to note. Because of that issues, I think I will do my project on more platform like Youtube.

It is so much fun in doing this because people are so excited about what I will show them and for those who don’t notice about my stories, it still on their newsfeed everyday. That is also my interactions with my followers.

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