BCM 215: Critical Self-Reflection of Comments BETA


Firstly, the post highlights contribution in changing the pattern of blog writing to adapting Digital Artefact is quite catchy. The transformation clearly shows motive of implementing the past learning from lectures and readings about branding and videography. Secondly, the extent of research about the current trend of game-play with friends and live streaming highlights the backbone of the post. The suggestions made to gamers regarding how to transform from traditional blog writing to making live stream of games seems effective. In addition, streaming games on YouTube and Twitch have made the post to be more engaging and making developments from the previous comments. Learning about the importance of branding and making presentations through intro-video and making icon to make the streaming channel attractive clearly shows the engagement of providing better feedback. However, the way of sharing the experience about 3rd person perspective gaming seemed to be unclear to viewers. Moreover, considering the previous comments, it is advised to improve interaction over Instagram as posts are irregular. I would also like to hear about 3rd person perspective gaming a little more.    



The use of analytical framework of Aesthetics, Modality and Nostalgia in the post has contributed by finding the reason behind gamers switching to Osrs from Rs3. This post highlighting the different gaming frameworks such as MDA Framework and MMORGP along with using experience about Digital Artefacts, it clearly shows the extent of material usage including lectures. Furthermore, the research about Osrs and use of Aesthetics, Modality and Nostalgia has helped to understand the likings and preference of gamers. I believe that the suggestions about why gamers prefer to be more comfortable (through evaluating Nostalgia) in playing games that are based on Osrs framework despite of being a backdated system. The suggestions were quite useful and the post can provide better feedback on the topic by highlighting the success or preference of Osrs by taking examples of other games apart from RuneScape. Additionally, the post highlights that Osrs and the game RuneScape are still popular among gamers. Out of the experience, it is believed that Osrs platform will continue to be the preferred gaming platform and MMORGP will evaluate the impact on how the game is played. Considering the previous comments, improvements are pending as it is yet to be interacted with peoples who have commented on the post.  


In this post, the work contributes about the process how “games for girls” could appeal female gamers. To be more specific, reference to subject materials about marketing techniques (pink-washing technique) to attract female customers has been made in the post. Researching about how companies are marketing the games for girls to be sold more often to female gamers highlights the extent of research. Next, the actionable suggestions about the competitive advantage of pink video games and ways to increase share of video games developed for females have been made. The post highlights that games for females are developed by men developers. Therefore, for better understanding of female perspective on these games, ratio of female developers to male developers should be increased. However, the difficulties created due to uneven male: female developer ratio for companies like Purple Moon has been referred. Out of the experience, the post highlights how male to female employee ratio tags a company as developer of games for women only. Considering the previous comments, improvements are still pending as interactions are found with peoples who have commented on the work.

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