In my Pitch video, I planned out my project and I made a model video and uploaded it on my Youtube channel. The video was a summary of trailers only without any information.

I had a lot of feedback from my friends and family.

Nowadays, film industry produced a lot of movies adaption video games. They believed that movie studios transformed video games to movies as an opportunity to attract loyal fan into cinema while it gave the video game industry revenues and better media coverage (Picard, n.d). However, the effects that difference movies brought to the fans are not all the same, some are disappointed, some are successful.

For the next video, I’ll try to make my content clear and specific so people can understand my project.

Reference list

Picard, M n.d, ‘ Video Games and Their Relationship with Other Media’, Video Game History: From Bouncing Blocks to a Global Industry, p. 1 – 9.

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