BCM215: Contextual Report

Ideation and Concept

My initial digital artefact was creating videos about the movies based on the famous games. I chose to make 3 videos about the topic From games to movies. The focus for my project are analysing the data of movies and providing the personal reviews and reviews from the reliable source (Rotten tomatoes). For my digital artefact, I will continue to focus on my topic by creating video and upload on my Youtube channel.

Methodology and progress

The methodology would be giving my personal opinions about the movies I had watched, the overview about the content and graphics of the movies and other opinions from rotten tomatoes.

So far, I had uploaded 3 videos and the feedback from my friends and family were positive. After the first video that I put all trailers together without any comments or contents, I record myself to talk about the contents of each movie and provided comments from the reliable source.

Background research

There are a lot of producers choose to recreate their movies based on the famous games. the famous games in the 90s are the topic that most of the directors choose, such as Rampage, Sonic and Pokemon. Those movies were remake from all the famous games and caught real attention from fans. However, the results were not impressive at all, in fact, the rates were so low and most of people regret after watching the movies (Humphery-Jenner M 2017). For example, the movie rampage just only got 5.3 points on Rotten tomatoes.

Reference list

Humphery-Jenner, M 2017, ‘Too big, too expensive and too silly: why video game movies fail’, The Conversation, viewed 5 November 2020, <https://theconversation.com/too-big-too-expensive-and-too-silly-why-video-game-movies-fail-71336&gt;


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