This report comments on my research on Shopping Habits of the Young via Instagram in Australia. This directs to two points in concerning – (1) preference toward Instagram shopping and (2) the most influential motive for doing that. The discussion is placed in the context of the young represented by the voice of students. The strongest moti ve in doing the research bases on two pillars – (a) externalities as impacts of COVID-19 pandemic that raises up demands of online shopping; facilitations of Instagram in letting people to sell their products via the app; and (b) personal interest in investigating more about possible selling channels for small retailers.

The Discussion

Matching with personal habit and observing practical happenings via Instagram, it is confirmed the trend of online shopping via social networking sites, for example Instagram (Kristian, Bunawan, Wang and Sfenrianto, 2020). The use of e-commerce is popular in Australia; and this is booming during the social distance period (as impact of COVID-19 global pandemic) (Bhatti, et al., 2020). Pairing with friends, I did realize the common trend of them in surfing and ordering via Instagram Shop in recent days.


– Descriptive purpose to describe the real situation of using Instagram Shop from the viewpoint of the young which is presented by university students.

– Two stages of (1) desk-based study with related information extracted from academic and practical sources; and (2) the combination of survey-based information and personal experience in intepreting preference and motives of selecting Instagram Shopping.

With the two-stage process, the discussion on Instagram shopping is explored by three sources of information which are presented in the three sequent steps:

– Observation from Instagram showing the trend of brands joining the Instagram Shop space.

– Personal experience reflection highlighting the helpfulness of Instagram shopping in some very beginning time of living in Australia. Convenience is the real congitive motive, and the attractiveness of pictures is the affective motive for choosing products via Instagram shops.

– Survey with 20 students does not confirm the outstanding preference of Instagram shopping; but it confirms the attractiveness of layout by instagram that make them impressed and thus, forming the purchase intention or even decisions.

The key findings show that (in the link with the digital artefact) the preference toward Instagram shopping has not yet persuasively confirmed among the young. Accordingly, key influential motives are defined with the approximation in acceptance. Basically, motives of using Instagram shops are quite similar with the use of e-commerce in general. The outstanding distinguish is from the unique grid-layout of pictures by Instagram that creates the convergent effects from eyes leading to changes in mind in an affective manner and resulting in purchase intentions. 


There is the certain gap between favourable conditions in shopping via Instagram with the real practice by the young. It implies for the responses of people toward the new buying platform. However, since my report dedicates demands and thoughts of students – the ones having to live with tight budget and limited demands on high-engaged items, the reflection might describe a small portion of the whole large picture. Additionally, the fact that Instagram Shop is the new platform of buying (I mean the official one which is not counted retailers using Instagram for conducting the trading), it would take some time for people to form their behaviors and produce more real responses. 


Bhatti, A., Akram, H., Basit, H. M., Khan, A. U., Naqvi, S. M. R. and Bilal, M., 2020, ‘E-commerce trends during COVID-19 pandemic’, International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 1449-1452

Gillezeau, N. (2020). Instagram lets influencers and businesses sell through their pages.Australia Financial Review, Jun 25, 2020. Retrieved Nov 12, 2020, https://www.afr.com/technology/instagram-lets-influencers-and-businesses-sell-through-their-pages-20200624-p555l6

Kristian, H., Bunawa, S. G., Wang, G. and Sfenrianto, S., 2020, ‘Social user behavior analysis of purchasing decisions in Instagram online store’, International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering Research, vol. 8, no. 2, pp. 598-601

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