BCM206: Contextual Essay


I know a lot of people are facing the COVID-19 outbreak and have to lock themselves at home. Many sporting events are cancelled, schools are closed and tourist hot spots are shut down and the government recommend that people who experience the symptoms should go to the hospital and even those who show no sign of illness stay home during this time of global pandemic. During the quarantine time, people get bored when staying at home, lack of motivation in starting works. Therefore, I want to share my isolation experience and things I did to pass time and enjoy to help those who are do not know what to do (except for lying in bed). My main platforms is my personal Instagram story and the content is my daily life and things that I feel interesting. 

Instagram is still an enormous market for content creators, influencers and travellers, hence, I chose those as my main platform like I mentioned in my pitch project.

Utility and process

I uploaded stories and saved it to highlights and catagorized it so people know the contents of each highlights. The contents are about food, movies, places I have been to and the moments I had with my friends and family.

The story that I chose to be a model of my Digital Artefact was about food (sushi). It was from a famous sushi restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. The responses for the story were positive, people loved what I made and asked me to upload more. There were 57 viewers at the time I captured the story. However, I saw that if I saved it in a highlight, the number of viewers are unable to shows as it passed 24 hours.

Therefore, there will less evidences for me to note.


It is so much fun in doing this because people are so excited about what I will show them and for those who don’t notice about my stories, it still on their newsfeed everyday. That is also my interactions with my followers. Due to the COVID-19 this year, I had to fly back to Vietnam and stayed in quarantine camp as well as the hospital. Therefore, everything has been turning upside down, I believe that this situation also happens to may other people. I hope my stories can cheer up people and help those who want to discover Vietnam to have a few realistic views about my country (from a citizen).

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