BCM325: Live tweeting summary 1

In the first 5 weeks, we have to do the live tweeting about the movies which were provided. the tweet could be about anything related to the movies or we just interacted with other.However, I was not really into the live tweeting because I just watched the whole movie and sometimes jumped out to tweet. I feel like I was distracted by the tweet.

Week 2: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

The first week I was panicked because I normally do not use twitter and was not really get the idea of the live tweeting, However, things got better in the second week. The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey left a lot of questions in my head and I also started to understand how to live tweet.

Week 3: Westworld (1978)

This week movie was more like a move about the future. I started to notice that the timeline of the movie set was followed the order and it created a future in the past rhythm. Westworld was also my favorite movie so far and I also did some research about the movie after watching it.

Week 4: Blade runner (1982)

I enjoyed watching the movie but I’m not really confident about the live tweet. First thing was my English was not good and I was not feel confident in sharing my thoughts and had anyone comment on. Therefore, the quantity and the quality of the live tweet started to decrease.

Week 5: Ghost In The Shell (1995)

I still do not get good interaction in this week live tweeting but I enjoyed watching the movie and when I read comments on discord about some people having trouble witch the violent movies, I understand that it’s their medical issue but I hope the movie set will still be kept because the others still love to watch those. The movie Ghost in the shell was good and I love watching it and I totally forgot to live tweet and when the movie was lover, I realized I was in the class. This was not the first time I forgot I had to do the live tweet, this issue happened in the past few weeks and I also struggled with the concepts and the questions.

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