BCM325: Beta

I did the first blog and I’m really glad that I help people to understand some basic definition in the high fashion industry. I also introduced the marketing strategies of some high fashion brands and I know that it was my fresh start on my research, which is the marketing strategies of the high fashion brands and their visions in the next 5 to 10 years.

The lecture issue I want to focus on is the multi-culture. I think it’s an interesting topic and relevant to my DA because every luxury brands want to expand their markets to the world and the multi-culture is an element that they have to consider in order to understand their clients and not to unintentionally offend any culture.

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  1. Hi Chau,

    It’s really interesting to look at a DA that has a very different focus to my own. While I won’t pretend to be the most knowledgeable about fashion my experience studying marketing I am similar with most of what you seem to be addressing in your DA. Looking forward 5-10 years is quite interesting and I think can be quite ambitious in the every changing world of marketing.

    It’s good to see you have already posted an initial blog and have interacted with the public through comments and are iterating based on this to further use your own personal social medias further into your DA. You mentioned looking at multicultural marketing and specifically china, it may be worth looking at a marketing industry report from IBISWorld you can access these through the UOW Library A-Z databases ( https://uow.libguides.com/az.php?a=i ). This should help you get a feel for current and historical marketing trend in the high fashion industry. These reports also provide future projection of some marketing industry metrics.

    you talked about Multi-culture lecture engagement, might I suggest looking into the week 11 lecture linking into your DA. This lecture looks at hoe some things that were only in sci-fi are now reality and looking at the future of AI as it improves. This isn’t the most direct link but things like https://theconversation.com/twenty-years-on-from-deep-blue-vs-kasparov-how-a-chess-match-started-the-big-data-revolution-76882 looking at the AI progress from things like chess matches to starting to drive cars and potentially learning to break laws internally when its a ‘good’ idea. This also links with the screening from week 11 as ‘Robot’ breaks the law with Frank. I think this relates to your DA as marketing is changing to ever increase reliance on AI to help target and market better and I think these shifts will only continue in the next 5-10 years and are worth considering in your DA.


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