From the beginning, while doing the finding the comment in board games, we found out that we had a lot of different tastes in board games. Some of us like to play card games like werewolf, some like to play board game with dice and some come up with the ideas of mystery and murder. it was hard at first because after the class we have two weeks break, therefore, it was hard to discuss about the game. However, we finally came up with an idea that our game will be like the game called Cluedo. The game will contain all the aspects that we were interested in, which are mystery, murder, food, board game and also have cards. Our game will focus on the logic, and creative thinking.

Group contribution

We have 6 people and we decided to spit up small parts in week 7. However, we had the mid-term break and were unable to keep track on the process and because everyone had to do the game online. Another thing is that we were in different time zone because some of us were international students and already moved back to our countries, the communication seemed to be harder. However, in week 9, we stated to have works done and everything went well.

  • Designing: Hussein and Tori came up with the idea of the story and set the basic rules of the game. They really laid the foundation for our game. The mechanics and rules are also the compulsory parts of the game, without those parts, we cannot design a complete game. Melanie and Tori had done the mechanics and rules.
  • Presenting: Ha Thu’s major is game design so she was so confident in designing our slides/graphics. Hence all of our presentations and visual was her work. Hussein and Yuen were also good at speaking, so they have done the presenting parts of our game.
  •  Playing test: I had experience in board games, so I took the playing test part. It was hard at first because of the set up and rules. However, I quickly figured it out and finished everything smoothly. I also added the problems that we had and provided solutions as well.

Introduction of our game:

In one of the five biggest food chain in the world namely Taco Bell, Burger King, KFC and Mc Donald’s, there was a murder with unknown culprit and weapon, in a group of 3-5 people, you have to find out where was the murder happen, who is the murderer, what is the weapon and maybe how if you like. Our game was designed based on the mysterious and food. We have board, cards, dice and pawns. The game is set for player who are older than 12 years old and is suitable for family and friends to play along.


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 There was a murder in one of the food court. As an employee of the fastfood court, you have to find out who is the killer, what is the weapon and where it was happened.


The common things about us are food and mystery, therefore, we chose to make the game related to food and solve the problems. We also considered the logic of the game and add on the suspicions to spice things up a little. The foundation of our game is Cluedo, which also has mysterious element. However, the original Cluedo did not have the food theme, so we changed our setting, story and layout to make it related to the food court. Hence, our game contains all of our shared interests.  

My Background research:

During the first task, which was brainstorming, we found our mutual interests were investigation and food, so when Hussein suggested the game called Cluedo, I have to do a proper research on the game. And then our members started to put their first steps in the creating the game. According to Hawkinson (2013), mechanics are more than just a set of rules, the physical and nonphysical information has to be considered to put in the game as well. I did the research on the mechanics of the games and also the set up and play testing to make the game becomes more entertain and logic. Which make people understand it easily and play the game in their interesting ways.

My contributions to the play testing and problems solving:

  • My contribution to the game was significant. I have contributed to the play testing and problems solving. I think my part is crucial because when we finished all the other parts like mechanics, rules and designs, we have to play test to see if there is any mistake or anything that need to change. I did the set-up and then play test the game. At first, the game was hard to understand and I think that was our success because when the game is harder to understand, there is less chance that people can finish it easily. The first trial was hard and we ended up with no clue. The second trial was better and we found out the killer, place and weapon. Then I notice the problem was the steps that people took, it can be backward or forward, therefore, if one door is used to enter every restaurant, it could be a bit annoying if 2 players decide to block the entrance. Another issue is a player can announce unlimited suspicions, which makes the game a little boring. And the solution are making doors for each room 1 person can only make one suspicion each turn so that it would be more difficult to guess and the players must think before making any decisions. 

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Graphical user interface, website

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