BCM 325: Peer commentary part 2

Hussein Hijazi – My future after graduation


Hussein’s Digital Artifact is a project with 3 blog posts. His DA is about his career after graduations and he also shared a lot of important information about the internships in his first blog. Which I think really helpful for university students who are not sure about their paths after graduating. The DA is also about his passion for digital marketing and how he want to approach his dream job. I really like his idea and I suggest that he should consider the impact of the COVID-19 and also give him a reliable source to consult. His DA is also related to the cyber space topic in the lecture and he inspires people who want to become a marketer in term of getting to know the digital marketing.

Grace Mary – Fashion Fever | The Future of Fashion

Grace’s DA is about the fast fashion industry, especially focuses SHEIN. Grace’s DA is an interesting topic and timely. She focuses on how SHEIN is a problematic brand and how does the brand grow dramatically. Her DA is practical because the problems of fast fashion industry is undeniable and the affection on the environment is also an issue that need to be considered. She will make a 3 videos series on her Youtube channel. The first one is about the definition of the fast fashion and a glimpse of how it affects the society and why it is problematic. Grace’s DA is related to the Week 4’s Soundcloud podcast “Ethical Foundations of Futures Studies”, which is also an interesting topic. I suggest that she can expand her DA ideas by deeply focus on the impacts of fast fashion on the environment and the economy.

Yidi Weng – VR fitness games

Yidi’s Digital Artifact is about the VR fitness game. she intended to do a series of blog post. The process is explain the definition of the VR and how it impacts the fitness and the health affection. I think the topic is interesting because people are stepping into the technology era and everything seems possible. the vision of the VR fitness games in the next 5 years is predictable and Yidi is doing great so far about her prediction. I suggest that she can consider the COVID-19 impacts on the industry. another thing is she mentioned the screening in her post, which I think the movie Ready player one that we watched in week 10 is relevant to her topic and it can be a prediction in the next 5 years for the VR fitness games.

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