BCM 325: Live tweeting summary part 2

In my first blog, I posted my live tweeting experiences of the screening from week 1 to 5, and I was struggling to do the live tweeting and sometimes I got stuck in the flow of the movie and totally forgot to tweet. However, this time I have better performances. This blog post is a live tweeting summary from week 6 to 11.

Week Six: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Week 6’s lecture was futuristic and the movie that we watched was Blade runner. I think the movie described the near future of the mankind and it can easily tells by the effection of the technology on the environment. I actually went short on the live tweeting this week because the movie was so good and I got drawn in the flow and only retweeted my peers’ tweet.

Week Seven: The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix was about the growth of the AI in real life and the updating of the machine, which I think it was a new civilization. The movie was amazing and I was so excited to see my classmates’ opinions. I was also amazed by the technology in the future (of the movie), which could make Trinity jumped across buildings. I think of there is any technology like that in the future, people who had musculoskeletal disease will be cured and the technology will be a big innovation in the medical industry.

However, I was still short on the live tweeting this week and I have less interaction with my peers.

Week Nine: Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

This week movie is Alita. I have watched this movie twice at the cinema in 3D and 4DX. My engagement this week is better and I think it was because I watched it before so I was prepared and excited. Through the live tweeting, I knew a lot of classmates had the same thoughts with me.

I had 3 retweets and 3 likes because of my question. My classmates said they also needed answers and I think it was a topic that people engaged in the most because we shared the same thoughts and it was controversial. I assumed this was the week that I felt confident the most and spoke my opinions.

Week Ten: Ready Player One (2018)

This was again my favorite movie and I thought my tweet was controversial again. My progress was improved so far and I was not longer afraid to spread my opinions anymore.

This was the topic that dragged a lot of different opinions. I got a reply said that it was not just a runaway place anymore if you put on a VR gear. My personal thought was that the real world was the real world, other ways to the virtual world is still not real. This tweet was also a questions for the Virtual world, is it real if we find what we need in that world?

Week Eleven: Robot & Frank (2012)

This was the final week of the live tweeting and screening. I was not really into the friendly robot kind of movie so I was not focus on the screening this week and the live tweeting was short. The engagements was not impressed because I retweet a lot.


There are still improvements that I need to make in different areas and the quality of each tweet should be improved. But I’m still proud od myself for the improvements that I have made since the first week. My aim was not focusing on any kind of topics, it was making controversial questions that make my classmates question themselves or have opinions on. I think I successfully created topics in some weeks.

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