BCM215: Pitch

There are a lot of producers choose to recreate their movies based on the famous games. the famous games in the 90s are the topic that most of the directors choose, such as Kingkong, Sonic and Pokemon.

Those movies were remaked from all the famous games and caught real attention from fans. However, the results were not impressive at all, in fact, the rates were so low and most of people regret after watching the movies (Humphery-Jenner M 2017). For example, the movie rampage just only got 5.3 points on Rotten tomatoes.

However, the movie still attract the curiousity from fans, therefore, the number of people came to the theaters are still high. According to statistics on Boxoffice, the film’s revenue in the North American market after 3 days of release is 34.5 million USD and in the international market is 114 million, bringing the total revenue of the film to 148.6 million USD.

The issue is, if the movies like Rampage has an amazing cast with good magics and was created based on the famous game, why is it still get negative responses from the audience? that is also my question that I want to solve.

I choose to make videos on Youtube for my Digital Artifact project, a platform that millions of people use and discuss everyday. I will also seeking opinions from my family and friends about my prokects and hope that I have a good feedback.

Reference list

Humphery-Jenner, M 2017, ‘Too big, too expensive and too silly: why video game movies fail’, The Conversation, viewed 5 November 2020, <https://theconversation.com/too-big-too-expensive-and-too-silly-why-video-game-movies-fail-71336&gt;



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