BCM212: Reflection

After taking BCM212, I know how to do a survey and how to use them for my projects. The process of the research was fun. I was struggle at first when I cannot get enough responses for the first week that I post. However, I waited and also did the surveys of my peers, therefore, I got more responses. When thinking of the topic, I was stuck. The topic that the amount of time, however, all I could think of was the content of the online time, then I emailed Pete-my tutor to ask for help and he also cc Kate to help me solve the problems. They are really nice and enthusiasm, they also help me to choose a topic and also teach me how to do it. I was shy and not confident about my English, however, Kate and Pete helped me to overcome those problems. The 3 assignments will be the based for my career, as there were clear stages of how to do a research and data collection. I would have change nothing for my experience because through the process, I can make more friends and also learn from the mistake of the first task and make a progress for the following tasks. Thank you for everything and please make it available for the first year too.

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