BCM215: Critical Self-Reflection of Comments (Pitch)


My comment: I am much influenced by the blog post and I must say that the post has really unveiled a new technique of brand designing through mere gaming approach. This post has just drawn on the key brand designing perspective quite easily and has presented an analytical framework based on this idealized view on graphic designing application in branding. Bringing of the context of history of branding in video games has offered focused research on importance of digital graphic designing context of branding. This actionable suggestion of sitting down and going through changing graphic designing implies the significance of applying gaming approach in branding. However, I would like this post to focus in more effective ways on the technical aspects of game development in graphic designing that would enable providing further enhanced suggestion ahead. I have realized the application of game designing in branding from this valuable post, which, I think has brought us significant learning experience with regard the topic shared by this valuable post.


My comment: This creative topic, I think, is unique and can be regarded as time-specific as well as relevant and grows enthusiasm of audiences for applying gaming in their daily courses of life. The post has drawn to the core area of the necessity of taking cooking lightly, instead of applying too much pressure on the functions. Thus, the topic has manifested this basic idea in highly contextual ways, I believe. This research, clearly, offers a motivation for focusing on recreation of different recipes from the game, which might not always be successful, but produces significant experience in cooking through gaming.  Furthermore, I found this valuable suggestion of applying basic real-life-skills like social interaction and strategic fit from video games in practical life. However, I presume that this post perhaps may come up with enhanced specificity on learning new skills from a game and applying those in daily life courses in future.  This post helped me learning social utilities of gaming and some of the necessary approaches of applying such utilities in practical perspective of cooking. I also got out from this experience the significance of taking the challenge of cooking game.


I am interested to the idea of BCM215 Pitch as expressed by this post. I must recognize my inability as gamer but I can realize the feeling shared by the post and this makes me understand the significance of playing the ‘pink’ games with proper understanding of its objective and rules. I see that back up observation of the post about ‘pink games’ is definite and moreover, I greatly recognize its application of screen recording style here. The research genuinely focuses on approach of “pink Games’ and the dominion exercised by the male gamers on this game. I would urge to go into the ethics of playing it rather than focusing only on definition side of the perspective. Most importantly, I think that proper reflection on the needs and wants of female gamers in this case can be a more effective means of coming up with better feedback in this connection. I learnt the necessity of playing the game by applying correct approach for ‘Pink’. I got out that absence of proper approach of gaming makes the feeling mere obligatory.

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